Protocolo Depósito de Tesis en Sede Electrónica

Students must submit their theses through the Electronic Hub. On the UPV/EHU website, go to the 'Sede Electrónica' (Electronic Hub) banner on the right. Once inside, select 'Registro Electrónico' (Electronic Registry). Then: 'Iniciar' (Start). You will then be asked for your passwords.

If you are unable to do this either due to computer problems or because you do not have an Izenpe card, your thesis director or someone from your Department or Doctoral Programme may do it for you.

You should upload a file containing just your doctoral thesis (without the pertinent authorisations), and another file with the rest of the documents required: panel authorisation, special mentions, PhD Student File and Summary, document of activities, etc. In pdf format. Do not upload ZIP folders. Please, put a short name in the files to avoid problems when downloading them.

All authorisation documents must be signed electronically. If any of the signatories do not have the means to provide an electric signature, then a scanned copy of their signature will be accepted.

If the thesis file is very large, it may be uploaded via the UPV/EHU's internal service or sent via WeTransfer or another similar application. If this option is chosen, you must include the link with the rest of the documents.

You do not need to provide a paper copy of your thesis.

The destination of the documentation is the Vice-Rector's Office for Postgraduate Studies and Continuing Education. And when he asks for a destination again, the Graduate Studies Service.

The thesis submission date will be the date on which you upload the documents to the Electronic Hub. Once we have checked that the documents are correct, the thesis will be published on the Doctoral Website under the section 'Submitted Theses', along with the relevant dates.

Submission deadlines are the same as under normal circumstances. You will therefore receive authorisation from the panel within 15 days of submitting your thesis, and may defend it any time 30 days from that date.

Thesis vivas will be semi face-to-face. Only the candidate, members of the panel and thesis supervisors from the UPV/EHU may be physically present. Everyone else must attend online.