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Chapter VIII. Mobility of doctoral students

Regulations Governing the Management of Doctoral Studies

Article 34. Area of application.

These regulations apply exclusively to such mobility as consists of the spending of a predoctoral research sojourn in an institution other than that in which the doctoral student has enrolled, for the purposes of completing any of the phases involved in the writing of the thesis.

These regulations shall govern the mobility of UPV/EHU doctoral students wishing to spend a sojourn in another university and students enrolled in other universities wishing to spend a sojourn at the UPV/EHU.

They do not apply to student mobility within the framework of a programme of international mobility, which shall be governed by its own regulations.

Article 35. Outgoing doctoral students.

There are two types of sojourn: those that are compulsory for obtaining the International Doctorate distinction and those that are voluntarily agreed upon by the student with his/her supervisor.

The sojourns shall be included independently in the application provided for this purpose. Nonetheless, they may also be included in the student’s customised document of activities.

The supervisor of the thesis and the doctoral student must specify in a signed document the period of the sojourn; the goals to be achieved and the person from the host institution who is to provide support to the doctoral student in achieving his/her goals.

Doctoral students who have signed a predoctoral contract with the university must request the corresponding licence.

Mobility agreements that follow the standard model approved by the Postgraduate Commission shall be signed by the person responsible for the doctoral programme, requiring no further procedures or formalities. In the case of agreements that do not follow the standard model, the person responsible for the doctoral programme must certify that the contents thereof are equivalent to those of the standard model and they shall be signed and saved in the corresponding application.

Article 36. Visiting students.

Doctoral students visiting the UPV/EHU outside a programme of international mobility must submit the following documents, in addition to the document of acceptance, the model for which shall be approved by the Postgraduate Commission:

  1. Documents accrediting the student’s enrolment in the university of origin.
  2. Acceptance of the doctoral programme by the person responsible for the sojourn and the host centre.
  3. Document of confidentiality, where so required by the research group or programme.
  4. Insurance policy against accidents, whose minimum coverage must be similar to that of the EHU Ikasle policy.
  5. Civil Liability Insurance Policy.

The head of the research group or head of the doctoral programme shall undertake to give the visiting student information relating to occupational risk prevention and shall provide him/her with any documents in this regard that may be necessary. The student shall likewise undertake to follow these indications. Both parties shall sign a document containing these undertakings.

The head of the host centre shall sign the document of acceptance with the visiting doctoral student, provided that it follows the standard model, with no need for any further proceedings; if the document does not follow the model, he/she shall certify that the contents are equivalent to the standard model and the document shall be signed.

The centre shall enter the visiting doctoral student’s details, dates of the sojourn, and the documents listed above in the GAUR application, and the student shall be furnished with the corresponding university card.