Enrolment on a doctoral programme - Second an succesive academic years

Enrolment on a doctoral programme


Dates: from 4th to 29th September 2023
Students who submit/deposit their thesis within this period do not have to pay for it.

According to article 5 of the Implementing Rules for Doctorate Teaching, all doctoral students accepted on a Doctoral Programme must enrol on a yearly basis at the Doctoral School, in line with the public utility rates set by the Basque Government, and with the procedures in place for each academic year.

A procedure for online enrolment has been established so that enrolment can be submitted to the GAUR app with their user name and password.

Through this app, and following the instructions given in the manual for doctoral enrolment (pdf, 540 Kb), the doctoral students can access the DOCTORATE module in the Doctorate Enrolment section, and print out the corresponding promissory note for the relevant fees. Once this payment has been made using the aforementioned note, the fees paid will automatically be reconciled after a few days. At that point, the students may print out their enrolment receipt from the same DOCTORATE section.

Payment can be made:

Dates for payment: from 4th to 29th September 2023.

To check the code to access GAUR, please contact the administrative representative specified on the relevant doctoral programme web page.

For any other queries about the doctoral programme, please go to the following page: contact.