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Chapter XV. Collaboration agreements

Regulations Governing the Management of Doctoral Studies

Article 49. Collaboration agreements with external organisations.

  1. Collaboration agreements may be signed with public or private, Spanish or overseas centres, institutions and organisations with RDI activities to promote the writing of PhD theses in collaboration with other organisations and the mobility of doctoral students, as well as to complete their education.
  2. The agreements may be signed for the purpose of writing theses in collaboration with external organisations, cotutelle theses, industrial PhDs or for any other aspect deemed suitable to achieve the stated objectives, as set out in the corresponding agreement.
  3. To facilitate administrative processing and signing, the Postgraduate Commission shall approve standard agreements.

Article 50. Processing and signing of the agreements.

  1. These collaboration agreements shall be processed in accordance with the terms established in these regulations, under the aegis of Article 25, section g) of the Operating Regulations of the Board of Government of the UPV/EHU (BOPV - Official Gazette of the Basque Country, 5 December 2005).
  2. The agreements shall be signed by a person representing the collaborating organisation with sufficient powers and by a member of the Management Team of the Doctoral School with sufficient powers, notwithstanding which, where appropriate, it may be deemed advisable for it to be signed by the Vice-chancellor.
  3. When the agreement matches the standard model previously approved by the Postgraduate Commission, it may be signed by the person capacitated for this purpose without requiring prior approval from the Postgraduate Commission.
  4. If the agreement to be signed differs from the approved standard model, the Postgraduate Commission must give its approval prior to the signing of the agreement. The office of the Pro Vice-chancellor for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Studies shall receive the reports corresponding to those bodies or services with competence in the matter of the agreement that are required for approval thereof.
  5. Cotutelle agreements must be approved, in all cases, by the Postgraduate Commission and shall be signed by the Vice-chancellor.
  6. Agreements on doctoral internships are governed by the provisions of the regulations regulating external academic internships by UPV/EHU students and the corresponding collaboration agreement.